You need a photographer who is not only able to give you high quality photos, but can also help you to create photos in a way that enhances the joy of the event. Your wedding day is supposed to be blissful, fun and full of joy, and you need a photographer who recognizes that.

Heads up! You will be spending your entire wedding day with your photographer, so it is important to find someone whose personality you are happy to spend the day with.

Digital Photography 
Wedding Packages

Currently, I offer several different digital wedding packages, and can also custom design packages in special situations. One of the great advantages of digital photography is the ability to take as many photos as you like, but only print the photos that you choose. Another advantage of digital is that you can easily have any or all of your photos reproduced in Color, B&W or Sepia.

All of the Digital wedding packages include all of your photos on a high-resolution CD. This is the equivalent of owning the negatives produced by a film camera, and gives you the ability to make your own reprints or enlargements anytime you want, either on your home printer or at a professional photo lab.

With the Digital wedding packages your images are downloaded to a computer, and carefully reviewed. We are able to make minor corrections before you ever see the images. With the Emerald and Diamond packages more customized corrections are made after you have received your initial prints, before you order your enlargements it is insured that the end product is just as you want.